The Social Food Network

Taking a bite out of social media

About Drool

Drool, a social media app that allows users to post, view and save their desires when it comes to food. From the point of logging in you will be immersed in the world of Food, viewing interactive images and videos that show off the most unique user generated content. Plus the ability to post your own appetizing foods opens the chance to show to people what you are really into…with food that is.

What is the

To bring the food loving community together on one platform as a form of social connectivity.


Post your desires when it comes to food for the world to see and drool over.


Whenever you fancy an eye candy appetiser all you have to do open the app and be immersed into drool worthy foods.


Having an open sourced world for anyone to access you can share images directly and even ask for help with recipes.

Find that
gap in the market

You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and many many more. What Drool offers is a direct channel to the food world. Taking the best parts of Social Media and making a Social Food Network.


A social food network that allows users to post, view and chat about their desires when it comes to food.

Simple Design

An easy and simple to use interface, supplying a main focus on food images

Modern Look

Clean and easy to navigate through, pulling together the restrictions of development and user design.


The colours are drawn from iterations originating for donuts, taking the strongest colours and applying them to a theme.

Your Footprint

Allowing you to save your own images, a swipe feature begs the finger to slide through your own content.


A free roam chat service that allows users to message anyone who shares the same food interests.

User created

A direct channel to user created content, putting the control of the images in the hand of the food loving community.

Allowing users to save and share food imagery, putting the control of the content in the hands of the food loving community.

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Bringing together desire and restriction of desire for food as two conceptual positions, to create an application enabling users to post in a safe environment.










Follow @droolphotography on Instagram. Posting photos delving into the stimulation of food to make you drool.

Coming Soon

Release planned for Summer 2017




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